Tumblr: 404 to Start / Redirect 404 with 301 – CODE

Here I am going to show you how to redirect 404 sites to start with 301 code in Tumblr.

This is useful if you want to bind your link juice again to the start page of your Tumblr blog, for SEO purposes or if you want to hide the 404 error to incoming users and just show them another page.

Actually with the following code you can redirect to whatever URL you want to with just a little modification.

WordPress Plugin

Some, probably SEOs, of you may now 404 to start for WordPress. This is a great plugin to save the linkjuice of your freshly set up wordpress. And the following code for Tumblr will be doing pretty much the same as the 404 to start wordpress plugin!


The 404 to start with 301 code Tumblr script

tumblr-404-to-start-html-editHere you go, just open the HTML editor of your Tumblr account.

<script type="text/javascript"
<script type="text/javascript"> $( init );
function init() {
var pageTitle = $('h2').text();
if (pageTitle == "Not Found"){
$('p').replaceWith( "<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"0; URL=http://mysite.tumblr.com/\">" ); }}

Add this code somewhere in the <head> section of your blog. Of course edit the URL in the code above to you desired URL. Then save it and check the 404 page. It should redirect you to your tumblr site or whatever you’ve chosen to.


But it’s not real 301 AND Jquery ..

Yes I know. But there’s no other choice for TUMBLR. But in 2015 this is not a problem and Google / Yahoo treat meta refresh with 0 delay as 301 so relax. Read here and search for more reference on the web.

Have fun with 301 redirecting your 404 tumblr pages.

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