Sublime Text deactivate the “@ goto bar” (command+r) : My Guide

the @ goto bar in sublime text editor

If you are using Sublime Text Editor you probably experienced the same f*&$ing problem as me. When you’re working on your web project on the full screen browser while editing the php script in Sublime text you always have to switch and in between those switches this rage-causing goto bar with the @ symbol appears right over your code, taking all the focus.

But I have finally a solution for you!

How to finally deactivate this @ bar in Sublime Text:

1.) First step:


First you have to open the Key Bindings for users file.


2.) Second step:
goto-bar-successfull-removed-sublime-text-guidePaste this code as shown in the image above in the file and save it.

{ "keys": ["super+r"], "command": "show_overlay", "args": {"": "goto", "text": ""} },

Now you can press command + r as much as you want, but the annoying bar won’t popup anymore.

Have fun :*

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