Contextual Related Posts NOT saving settings Solution – WordPress Plugin


So you’re using or just installed the WordPress plugin “Contextual Related Posts” and it’s not saving your settings like thumbnail size etc?

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Tumblr: 404 to Start / Redirect 404 with 301 – CODE

Here I am going to show you how to redirect 404 sites to start with 301 code in Tumblr.

This is useful if you want to bind your link juice again to the start page of your Tumblr blog, for SEO purposes or if you want to hide the 404 error to incoming users and just show them another page.

Actually with the following code you can redirect to whatever URL you want to with just a little modification.

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Windows 10 download / Windows 10 ISO DIRECT

I’ve searched myself some time for it so I’ve collected two nice direct links for you guys.
Most modern computers run 64 bit so if you don’t know which one you have, go for the 64 bit version.

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FIX SOLUTION Teamspeak “Failed to convert string nan to float”



If you get the above error message there’s a quick fix / solution to it!

“A critical error occurred, the application will be terminated. Please notify us about the error in our support forum. Failed to convert string nan to float.”

Will be displayed in an error box.

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OkayFreedom Setup or repair failed – FIX / SOLUTION

OkayFreedom setup or repair failed fix solution

Ever used OkayFreedom? Can be a pain in the ass sometimes

For a VPN project I am using OkayFreedom inside a VirtualBox and it was working quite ok for half a year.

Some days ago it started annoying me with weird update massages, I was like dude it’s working perfectly fine and does whats it supposed to do, why the hell would I update the VPN client?

Some of you now that line ‘never touch a running system’ and imho it’s one of the best lines in computer terms because updates mostly make it worse.

So it stopped working after two weeks and I was like okay now I’ll do you the favor and update you.

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WP PostRatings – Rich Snippet Meta with one pager WordPress

wp postratings rich snippet aktivieren


I think this won’t be useful for most of you guys, BUT if you’re using WordPress in a way like me, you will be able to implement this tip for your wordpress page!

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