OkayFreedom Setup or repair failed – FIX / SOLUTION

OkayFreedom setup or repair failed fix solution

Ever used OkayFreedom? Can be a pain in the ass sometimes

For a VPN project I am using OkayFreedom inside a VirtualBox and it was working quite ok for half a year.

Some days ago it started annoying me with weird update massages, I was like dude it’s working perfectly fine and does whats it supposed to do, why the hell would I update the VPN client?

Some of you now that line ‘never touch a running system’ and imho it’s one of the best lines in computer terms because updates mostly make it worse.

So it stopped working after two weeks and I was like okay now I’ll do you the favor and update you.


This is how you fix the “setup or repair failed” error in OkayFreedom

  1. First you stop all antivirus programs.
  2. Secondly you stop the OkayFreedom program and installing the following vpn tool TAP-Win32 Adapter V9 (download)
  3. Now restart windows and your VPN should just work fine as before

More troubleshooting:

Maybe you’ll have to disable the driver signature check in windows 7 to make the VPN driver work.
Then try the steps above again.

You also could try running the above steps in windows safe mode.

Hope it helps and wish you fun with OkayFreedom. Ha ha :*

  1. Thanks a lot buddy! :)

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