Is Secret Seo Club ( fake or scam?

today I gonna help you out a little, if you’re on the run for some seo group buy action in order to save some money since these services cost in my opinion A LOT and so I want to support the group buy guys.


Update: unfortunately this service shut down!

As I got a mail today (07.12.2015) this service shut down just today. The owner of said, that Paypal froze their money and so they couldn’t access it and couldn’t pay for their SEO accounts that they were sharing with people. In my opinion it’s very sad but ok, it was cheap and good for the time it did it’s job …

But their site still seems to be up!

And they’ve changed their offer into something more expensive. Maybe they just wanted people to switch or something. Whatever, for me the service is dead now and I will test another one.

I’ve tested the Secret Seo Club ( for you …

And I have to say, that my experience was pretty positive so far with the!

I’ve paid like 10$ (which is in my currency 9€, the cheapest i could find) and instantly got emailed the login data for Majestic. Make sure you have a credit card ready in your Paypal account, else it won’t work.

No need to use a proxy or something and everything runs just fine. They’re using the “Majestic Silver” plan and it’s enough for my purposes. Maybe I’ll get an ahrefs account, too but let’s see.

email from the club

Issues so far ..

Once the account didn’t work for some hours, I emailed them and it took like half a day then it was absolutely fine again. Maybe some idiot changed the passwort to troll around.


So the Secret Seo Club not a scam or fake, feel free to buy!

I recommend it and will buy again

  1. The service is open again and is now much better than the previous one.

    Highly recommend trying it again, it is half the price now too!

  2. Hi,

    The service is now open again and is much more secure than last time. The login details are automatically entered into your browser so no one can change the passwords!

    The group buy also features 8 more services and is now half the price.

  3. I have tried this seo group buy service, its good and worth buying..

  4. Yes i have tries many seo tool group buy services and there are only that i used well. and

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