Howto: Stop Facebook Video autoplay in Chrome and Firefox


here I am going to show you, how you can stop the video autoplay feature in Facebook, because this “new feature” really sucks and wrecks your ressources, when you’re browsing the web. It’s also a huge distraction.


The only way to stop it is with the help of specific plugins. Every other method didn’t work for me, so these do the trick, even though they may be a bit ugly.

Stop Facebook Video autoplay in Chrome Plugin

To stop the autoplay feature in Google’s chome, the fastest browser in the web, just install THIS plugin. It automatically stops the Facebook autoplay feature.


Stop Facebook Video autoplay in Firefox Plugin

For Firefox just use THIS plugin. After the installation everything should run fine.


Maybe you’ll have to restart your browsers, but i swear it’s worth it.

Have fun ;)

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