Dragon NaturallySpeaking: Use Interface Steinberg or Focusrite (USB)

I’ve noticed, that the voice writing program Dragon Nuance Naturally Speaking didn’t work with my Rode NT1A and Steinberg or Focusrite USB interface.

I was using the Dragon Naturally Speaking version 13 and it always told me to check my microphone although it worked perfectly fine in other recording softwares.


So one solution was to channel my microphone into my soundcard, so it channeled it back again to an virtual microphone “stereomix”, which then was accepted by Dragon Naturally Speaking, but had still some bugs (long loading times etc.).

The final solution then was, to find the Dragon Naturally Speaking version 12. Although it doesn’t have the same nice design as the new 13 version, it provides the option to use LINE-IN as input source, so you can use your interface without any problems. 

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