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C++ rename other applications’ name (codesnippet)

There are lots of possibilities to make use of in C++ and theyre always getting developed further.

One of these options is to manipulate other programs’ application name.

This is for example useful if you run multiple windows with the same title and you want to be able to differentiate between these windows, for example to run a game bot or something.

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How to optimize CSS to fit mobile devices screens ;)

So I’ve changed the design of my blog here, and see what happens, when I surf it on my iPhone 6+?
I’ve took a little screenshot for you for demonstration:

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WordPress Plugin – WP REVIEW – Show rating in Startpage MOD

wp review show in startpage codecave howto modification


You maybe know that WordPress Plugin WP Review or you are already using it.
This Plugin is great, but imho has one big issue.

It does not show the ratings on the frontpage / startpage of your WordPress Blog.
If you have build with WordPress, which is setup with only one frontpage, maybe even linking to posts, users won’t be able to rate the frontpage until they click on it which creates duplicate content and other issues.

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WordPress Multisite Menu “My Sites” not shown SOLUTION



So for my first WordPress MultiSite Project i studied that function and found out that I have to edit the wp-config.php, which I did like everyone describes.

Unfortunately, even after multiple attempts, it still didn’t show the “My Sites” on the top menu bar of WordPress Backend Dashboard.

So I decided to try few different things, but even a complete clean-up of the database and reactivation of that function didn’t help.

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