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Sublime Text deactivate the “@ goto bar” (command+r) : My Guide

the @ goto bar in sublime text editor

If you are using Sublime Text Editor you probably experienced the same f*&$ing problem as me. When you’re working on your web project on the full screen browser while editing the php script in Sublime text you always have to switch and in between those switches this rage-causing goto bar with the @ symbol appears right over your code, taking all the focus.

But I have finally a solution for you!

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My mineral oil pc webpage — check it out!

My mineral oil pc kit


So I’ve decided to move the posts about my self made mineral oil pc kit to another extern webpage so people can find it easier in long term.

You should check it out on ->

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Howto Enable 60 FPS on YouTube / watch 60FPS on YouTube

Here I am going to show you real quick how to enable 60 FPS on

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Article moved to another URL

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Edit smileys in WordPress (Javascript comment section)

smileys in wordpress

So you’d like to edit the ugly smiley text in wordpress like : eek: or : razz: or : biggrin: (I have to let some space between : and the smiley text) to real symbolic smileys like : P, : D, : * (again I have to let space so wordpress doesn’t convert the emoticons)? Most plugins seem outdated, Here I am going to show you ..

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